Purchasing Irish Dance Shoes 

Searching for the right shoes can be quite the process, and we are here to help! Below are links to some of our favorite Soft and Hardshoe Brands, and advice on how to get a pair of shoes that fit well!


  • Irish Dance shoes do not come in universal sizes. Each brand has their own sizing, and due to the fact that these are handmade shoes, sizes can vary.

  • The best way to determine which size you need, is by using the brands Size Conversion Chart, measuring the length of the foot and width of the toe box, and contacting the company directly.

  • Trace the outline of the foot on a piece of paper and use a measuring tape to determine the length and width of the foot. Email this image to your shoemaker and confirm that your size is correct before purchase. 

Soft Shoes 

Beginner Irish Dance Shoes
With Beginner Shoes, the style and quality is not as important, as students will be growing out of these shoes quickly. However, purchasing a slightly more expensive/better quality shoe will make the resale value higher, as the shoe will hold up longer and will often come with features that make it more comfortable. 

Basic Beginner Shoes: Antonio Pacelli, Loop Pump or Essential Pump
With Padding and Arch Support:  Antonio Pacelli, Gazelle Pumps or Eclipse Pumps


Empire Dance Shop in Spokane also provides Irish Dance Soft Shoes if you would like to avoid buying shoes online. These are strictly beginner shoes. 

Intermediate- Advanced Irish Dance Shoes
It is very important for higher level dancers and competitive dancers to have the proper shoes, as a good pair of shoes drastically changes the overall look of the foot and the comfort of the dancer.  

Novice-Prizewinner, Split Sole: Ava Pump or Aoife Pump
Higher Heel Box: Hullachan Pro (H3)
For Low Arches: Hullachan Pro (H2)
The Original: Hullachan Pro (H1)


There are several styles of hardshoes for beginners on up to champions. Beginner shoes usually have stiffer soles that protect the arches, whereas shoes for more advanced students will be more flexible and have a larger "bubble heel" for heel clicks.  Below are some options.

NOTE: Do not buy shoes from unreputable sellers on Ebay- Hardshoes are expensive for a reason, and knock off brands are often glued together and made with poor materials. Also, buying shoes without the ability to try them on and without proper sizing methods will land you with a pair of shoes you won't be able to use. If you do find a pair of used shoes you would like to buy, double check the size and contact your instructor for approval. We're here to help!

Check out Antonio Pacilli's Guide to Hard/Jig Shoes Here 

Beginner Hardshoes:
Under 12 years-Beginner Shoe
Rutherford Inishfree, Antonio Pacilli Leinster
More flexible, square toe box- Rutherford
Sloped toe box, narrow foot- Fays Ultra Flexi 

Intermediate- Advanced:
Antonio Pacilli Concorde  
Square toe Box, Wide foot- Rutherford Flexi's 
Sloped toe box, narrow foot- Fays Ultra Flexi